Sony PlayMemories Online is a free cloud-based service which will stash away your collection of photos and High Definition videos so that you are able to pull them at any time you like, depending on the quality of the connection you are using, on compatible devices. It was released like clockwork, so we expect it to work the same way, too. Basically, this is not meant to be a personal repository of all sorts of files, just media files will do. Hook up your digital camera or camcorder to the computer, upload your collection of photos and videos to PlayMemories Online, and you are good to go.

A free PlayMemories Online app is available for your Android-powered smartphone (or compatible device) to perform direct uploads, eliminating the need to plug in the Xperia or Android handset to a computer beforehand. This does away with the middleman, and also makes things a whole lot more convenient. Formatting, file conversion or resizing are handled by PlayMemories Online. Just in case you were wondering how come you cannot access the PlayMemories Online service, that is because it is currently available in the UK, France and Germany at the moment. [Press Release]