Μετά την αναβάθμιση που είχαμε στο Flipboard, τώρα οι χρήστες μπορούν να φροντίσουν και τα δικά τους ψηφιακά περιοδικά αφού το Flipboard μπορεί να φιλοξενήσει και custom περιοδικά στον web browser. Στο δε “Big Ideas” Flipboard section μπορείτε και να δείτε τις πιο σημαντικές ειδήσεις.

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Flipboard Magazines Can Now Be Read On The Web

People Have Created Millions of Magazines on Flipboard, Now They Can Share Them With Anyone Anywhere

July 23rd, 2013  •  Palo Alto, Calif.
Starting today, anyone can read magazines created on Flipboard right in their Web browser. Millions of magazines have been curated by Flipboard readers, covering just about every topic imaginable, and now, for the first time, when people share those magazines, others will be able to enjoy them right from their desktop computer. Designed with beautiful covers, the iconic “flip” and a custom UI experience, this release takes Flipboard one step closer to opening its social magazine on the Web.Flipboard, a single place for people to enjoy and curate the news they care about, launched the ability to collect content into custom magazines in late March. Since then, more than 2 million magazines have been created by Flipboard readers.Flipboard magazines are curated by people who want to share their ideas, opinions or personal interests. Topics range from camping to cars and from independent filmmaking to immigration reform. Curators include political leaders, musicians, publishers and millions of everyday people with a passion. With the Web experience, Flipboard curators can share their magazines with friends, family and followers who may not have Flipboard. When flipping through the pages of a magazine on the Web, readers can tap the menu icon in the upper left to view “By Our Readers,” featured magazines surfaced by the editors at Flipboard. To share a magazine with others, simply tap on the “share” button on the cover.People who have the mobile app and a Flipboard account can add any magazine to their Flipboard using the subscribe button on the cover of each magazine, as well as use the “+” button to add stories to their own Flipboard magazines. 

Downloading the app on a mobile device is still the only way to get the full Flipboard experience, including personalizing the social magazine, connecting social media accounts, accessing the Content Guide and creating a Flipboard account.Also announced today is the launch of a new category on Flipboard called “Big Ideas.” This new area features content on important issues, causes and ideas of our day. The nonprofits featured in this category will also have links to their magazines on their websites so anyone can easily find their Flipboard magazines.

Flipboard magazines on the Web are supported in the latest versions of desktop browsers including IE9+, Safari, Chrome and Firefox in 11 languages, including English, Japanese, Chinese, French and German.About Flipboard
Flipboard is the world’s first social magazine, a single place to keep up with everything you care about and collect it in ways that reflect you. Inspired by the beauty and ease of print media, Flipboard is designed so you can easily flip through news from around the world or stories from right at home, helping people find the one thing that can inform, entertain or even inspire them every day. Start reading your magazine by downloading Flipboard at