Τη Veyron τη γνωρίζουν όλοι ώς το “fastest production cars in the world”. Και αυτό είναι το ειδικό μοντέλο. Το Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse Ettore Bugatti Edition έχει το όνομα του πατρόνου, Ettore Bugatti, βασίζεται στην 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse με τον κινητήρα W16 και 0-100 σε 2.6΄΄.




Special touches on this edition include hand-polished, clear-coated aluminum on the hood, front and side panels, and mirrors, dark-blue carbon fiber panels on the rest, color-coordinated, specially-designed wheels, both traditional calf and natural cordovan leather on the interior, and a platinum-coated dancing elephant on the rear center box that resembles the one used as the hood ornament of Ettore’s beloved Type 41 Royale in 1926.