Αυτή η κούκλα ονομάζεται Ducati XDiavel. Και είναι ένα ειδικό μοντέλο, μια καταπληκτική custom έκδοση που πήρε μέρος στο 76th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, ένα πασίγνωστο event των ΗΠΑ. Από τα χέρια του καλιφορνέζικου customizer Roland Sands.


Μια Ducati cruiser ενωμένη με το iconic αμερικανικό motorcycling, με sport-chopper cruiser, φεύγει από τα κλασικά σχήματα του Bolognaεζικού cruiser.

Η Sands περιγράφει:

The XDiavel is a beast. A wolf in wolves’ clothing and a serious piece of speed equipment,” said Roland Sands, owner of Roland Sands Design and lead designer on the custom build. “We really wanted to pivot off all that amazing technology and not mess it up by tearing it out. So the bike is still very stock from a functional standpoint. The bike was a 3-month build, with careful consideration and deliberation about the direction of the design. Ultimately, we decided to twist the aesthetic while retaining decidedly ‘stock’ bike functionality. I’m proud to say that’s exactly what we’ve achieved.