CES 2015

Μας έφτασε στο Marvel Cinematic Universe πριν από τρια χρόνια στο Captain America: Civil War, και ο Spider-Man μέσα στα χρόνια έχει δει – ελέω Tony Stark, πολλές αναβαθμίσεις στη…

…στολή του. Στο νέο Far From Home η Sony Pictures και τα Marvel Studios ετοιμάζουν και κάτι άλλο.

Σε αποκλειστικά poster της Regal Movies και της Dolby Cinema, βλέπουμε τη νέα Peter Parker/Spider-Man Stealth Suit.

Ο κ.Eric Carroll είπε στο ComicBook.com, “It’s inspired by a bunch of different looks in the comics. We have Noir, Big Time — but of course, when Ryan [Meinerding, concept artist and Marvel Studios head of visual development] was designing this, he has all the past S.H.I.E.L.D. agents in mind, so it’s very reminiscent of what Black Widow or Hawkeye wear. And it’s got all these little details, which Ryan’s amazing at.”

“We thought [the Stealth Suit] was so cool, but [director] Jon Watts really wanted to find a way to make it less cool. So he gave them these cheesy flip-up goggles, like those ‘80s glasses. [Tom] has to operate them manually, there’s no cool mechanism… And we’re like, ‘No, that’s the point… dumber! It’s got to look really dumb, when he has to flip that up.’ So, at the eleventh hour, he’s looking down all these imposing characters — Nick Fury and so on — and then [Peter] has to flip this up and talk to him. It’s not actually capable of much — it sort of strips Spider-Man back, and it’s now him relying on his powers But it is his ability to act as Spider-Man without the world knowing Spider-Man is there. It’s just an idea he has to keep his identity from his friends, but it’s awesome.”

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