CES 2015

Οι Jesse Eisenberg και Imogen Poots σε μια ταινία που τους ταιριάζει. Απλά. Και ένα περίεργο…

“Tom and Gemma (Jesse Eisenberg and Imogen Poots) are looking for the perfect home. When a strange real-estate agent takes them to Yonder, a mysterious suburban neighborhood of identical houses, Tom and Gemma can’t leave quick enough. But when they try to exit the labyrinth-like housing development, each road takes them back to where they started. Soon, they realize their search for a dream home has plunged them into a terrifying nightmare, in this taut thriller filled with white-knuckle suspense.”

…θρίλερ. Δείτε. Και πείτε.

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