CES 2015

Οι τάφροι anti-tank είναι μια ιστορία… παλιά. Η τεχνολογία όμως είναι άλλο ζήτημα. Η Rheinmetall στο φρέσκο αυτό βίντεο μας δείχνει ένα ‘τέρας’, αυτό που αποκαλεί “armoured engineer vehicle” και ονομάζει…


“Anti-tank trenches bring every modern battle tank to a standstill. Rheinmetall’s armoured engineer vehicle Kodiak builds and overcomes these obstacles in no time with his dozer blade and excavator arm.

Thanks to the outstanding performance of the Kodiak, this important and critical task is tackled faster and safer than with established and other new engineer vehicles. Consequently, Rheinmetall’s Kodiak proves to be prime in latest combat support.

A real trailblazer, the Kodiak pushes towards the ditch. Then he cuts the top of the wall with the excavator. Due to optimised weight balance, he can approach with the excavator arm extended, just as the Dachs engineer vehicle in service with the German Army. Thanks to the arm being centered on the front, the vehicle is heading straight towards the wall. This way, the Kodiak does not have to turn on the spot and reveal its flank as with an arm on the side. Speed ​​and distance protect against fire and hidden mines. Finally, the Kodiak breaks through enabling security forces to follow quickly.”

Μιλάμε για transformer!

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