H Microsoft ανακοίνωσε και επισήμως τα Windows 8.1 που θα έρθουν με έναν ολοκαίνουργιο Internet Explorer.


Οι διαρροές λένε πως ο IE11 θα έχει πολλά updates και βελτιωμένη υποστήριξη για αφή όπως και tab syncing σε πολλαπλές συσκευές.\

Τι είπε η Microsoft για τα Windows 8.1:

“IE11 builds on the advancements in IE10 and is the only browser that is built for touch. IE11 will offer even better touch performance, faster page load times and several other new features we think you will enjoy. For example, you can now adjust the appearance of modern IE11 to always show the address bar and you can have as many open tabs as you like. And you can access your open tabs in sync across your other Windows 8.1 devices.”