Schiller X1 Water Bike

Αυτή η πανέξυπνη ιδέα είναι μια water-based εμπειρία γυμναστικής. Πανάκριβο, αλλά έξυπνο. Να δούμε πότε θα γίνει νέα τρέλα.

Τι δίνει:

– Hard anodized, powder coated aluminum frame.
– Stainless steel and aircraft grade aluminum materials.
– Proprietary two-stage 8:1 gear reduction with Gates.
– Carbon Drive belt system.
– NuVinci n360 CVP transmission.
– Integrated steering on handlebars.
– Twin oscillating propellers for rudderless steering.
– Rugged, dual chamber inflatable pontoons.
– Performance saddle, handlebars, cranks and pedals.
– Watertight storage compartment for valuables.