Από τις πιο συναρπαστικές χρονιές το 2015 στον χώρο του gaming, παιχνίδια απίστευτα, κονσόλες next gen στα καλύτερα τους, πανίσχυρα μηχανάκια και καινοτομίες από την εποχή VR μέχρι και πολύ μετά.

Μια από τις ενδιαφέρουσες τεχνολογίες είναι και το Steam. Δείτε και διαβάστε.

Building the Steam Controller

When we first started designing hardware at Valve, we decided we wanted to try and do the manufacturing as well. To achieve our goal of a flexible controller, we felt it was important to have a similar amount of flexibility in our manufacturing process, and that meant looking into automated assembly lines. It turns out that most consumer hardware of this kind still has humans involved in stages throughout manufacturing, but we kind of went overboard, and built one of the largest fully automated assembly lines in the US. Our film crew recently put together a video of that assembly line, showcasing exactly why robots are awesome.

Here’s that showcase, where you can watch controllers being built entirely by robots. We aren’t crazy though, so humans are still on hand to keep the robots from becoming sentient.